The most prone to the problem and solving method

Issuing time:2019-02-19 08:22

1. Color Masterbatch dispersed bad or bad plasticization.

The process can be as follows: 1 debugging through the blanking part of the temperature increased slightly by 2, apply some pressure injection molding machine mixing chamber. If the adjustment is not good, it can disperse the matching problem or masterbatch, masterbatch resin, and solve with the manufacturing department.

2. the same color masterbatch, resin formulations, display different color depth of injection molding machine products why?

This is often the cause of the injection molding machine. Used in the manufacture of injection molding machine, use time or maintenance condition different, resulting in mechanical condition is poor, especially the extent and difference of the heating element near the tube in tube to make the dispersion state of masterbatch is not the same, this phenomenon will appear.

3. according to the utilization rate of masterbatch, the color is too deep (light)

Although this question is very simple, especially there are many possibilities: 1, no serious test color pigments, more or less 2 use of inaccurate measurement, when the domestic enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises are random measurement of 3 resin masterbatch, matching problem, which may be the carrier particle selection, may also be the manufacturer 4 varieties of normal temperature change resin machine, especially in the high side, stay in the machine masterbatch time is too long, because the toner. Processing procedures: first check whether the color and resins, accurate measurement, and then adjust the temperature and speed of the machine, if the problem still exists, color masterbatch manufacturer

4., another brand of resin, and the same color masterbatch formula, change the color, and this is why?

Density and melt index of different grades of the resin are different, so the properties of the resin are different, there are differences between compatible color masterbatch, thus changing its color, generally speaking, as long as the density and melt index difference, so the color difference is not too large, you can adjust the color masterbatch.

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